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B I L L I N G H U R S T S  U S E  O F F S E T T I N G  F O R  C O 2

I can now confirm that billinghursts one step closer to calling ourself carbon Neutral. more

B I L L I N G H U R S T S  N O W  O F F E R  P A T  T E S T I N G

I can now confirm that billinghursts are able to offer Portable Appliance testing, If you would like to know more please see below for the recommended testing periods and process or Contact us for more information and or a quote.


1 - 10 items 4.00 per item*
11 - 50 items 3.50 Per item*
51 - 100 items 3.00 per item*
100+ items 2.50 Per item*
*An item does not include leads these are treated as separate items as are power distribution connectors.more

O F C O M  C O N F I R M S  C H A N G E S  T O  0 8 x x  C A L L S

Ofcom has confirmed measures to improve price transparency and strengthen consumer protection for calls to 0870 numbers. These changes are part of Ofcom's final statement following its review of all chargeable 08 number ranges (known as Number Translation Services or NTS).


B I L L I N G H U R S T S  L A U N C H E S  N E W  W E B S I T E

As you can see the new Billinghursts website is now operational. We pledge to keep this site more fluid than our original website and we will also preview out latest interactive products via the site in the soon to be released product demo portal where you can try out the latest products online for free to give you an idea of would could be achieved, We can then developed them to suit your needs as required, Contact us for more or to request updates when they come online.more